Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Olympic Fever! Go Team GB.......


Our household has been well and truly hit with London 2012 fever! Right from the magnificent opening ceremony we have be glued to the screen!

Jacob was even allowed to stay up late and watch the ceremony right to the end. He enjoyed every second and still dissects it regularly in conversation with friends and family! His opening gambit is often 'Did you see the opening ceremony?'

      GO TEAM GB!!!!!!

I have to admit I am surprised and slightly shocked at how well Team GB are preforming. As a nation, us Brits are used to losing, football always ends badly in penalty shoot outs, rugby and cricket are always so close but never close enough! As a sporting nation we never seem to invest the time and money needed to truly succeed.

But with the Olympics, maybe it's the home advantage, maybe it's the fact our athletes are used to the rubbish climate or maybe, just maybe it's the fact we have invested time and money to train our sports men and women, valued their contribution to our nation and taken their dreams of gold seriously! Because we are storming along!

     Gold medals are racking up! From sailing to long jump, dressage to cycling!

Watching the games, in our household anyway, is a very tense affair! Tactics are discussed pre race/event, predictions are made and then the screaming at the TV set begins!!!! All in the name of support of course!

When Jessica Ennis ran the 800m to claim gold in the heptathlon shouts of 'Go Jess' and 'Come on Jess' could be heard (from us) by our neighbours!

Jacob has been totally inspired by the whole thing. He talks about 'when he wins gold' or 'when he is an athlete' as if it is a fact not dream. The enthusiasm of our children- the young generation who are being inspired by this games should not be forgotten once the flame is extinguished!

For London 2012 to have been a real success for Team GB we should see kids athletics clubs opening up in many already existing council owned athletic tracks, swimming lesson becoming more affordable through government subs, horse riding, rowing, cycling, judo, fencing all being a valued option in PE classes and the return of diving boards to local swimming pools giving children a chance to experience and train in diving. It would be such a waste.........shame.............. crime even..... if after the Olympics the passion it has ignited in so many children and young adults is left to dampen out.
                                                      Over to you Mr Cameron.........................