Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Lazy, Hazy, Sunny Days......................

Yayee! The sunshine is finally here!

We can mostly be found outdoors! Park, stream, beach or garden! We're not fussy!

Here are some snapshots Jacob would like to share with you all.

                    Bouncing, jumping, giggling and squabbling mainly happen on the trampoline!

                                          Odiham Castle, stumbled upon while walking the dog! Queue impromptu history lesson!
 Awaiting the stunt show. An amazing show that really inspired Jacob! He wants to learn to drive on two wheels!
 Awaiting the Olympic Torch relay. Lots and lots of waiting! The torch went by in a flash! But Jacob really loved the sense of occasion.
 Making cars and trucks out of wood. Look carefully, they both have the 'concentration tongue' out!

                                                            Legoland! Atlantis ride! Fab!

 Milestones museum. Riding the tram. Jacob was really keen to listen to the recount of 'life as a tram driver'.

Great times with great friends! Jacob's at the age were going out for the day with friends (and their parents!) and without me can take place. He loves this sense of freedom and I always get a great recount of the adventures that have taken place!

Finally, I'd like to share a link to a really great, in my opinion, post about how learning takes place in a home ed environment. Take a look................How do you know they're learning???

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