Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Homeschool Journal........

                                     School is officially over, for the summer, for Jacob!

Although it seems we have just found our feet and created a rhythm, part of the reason I chose home education was to change the way Jacob's education was delivered. I wanted to move away from the traditional  school 'terms' and educate Jacob based on his needs and ability to focus.

Summer is here (despite the weather) and for us summer is about being outdoors, experiencing nature and learning new physical skills.

That said! We have started a 'homeschool journal' in order to record some of the best parts of our summer. Also as a way to keep up the writing practice. Jacob seems keen so far!

So what is a 'homeschool journal'??
For us it's a bound notebook with lined pages in which Jacob will record, daily his memories of the day. We have decided to record a day in hand. Meaning on Monday we would write about the weekend, on Tuesday we would write about Monday etc. There are no real 'rules' about content. I leave it totally up to Jacob to decide. But I do insist on entries being written in sentences, so capital letters and full stops! And before Jacob begins writing I ask him to 'think out his sentence'.

'Thinking out a sentence'-
Have you heard of this method? In a nutshell it is when you say out loud what your going to write. For example- 'I went to the beach today, it was fun!'. I would then ask Jacob to count how many words are in his sentence. So 9 words. Next I'd ask Jacob to write the first word with my help. I would then let him continue unaided. When he says he is finished I would ask him to count the amount of words he has written, saying 'remember there are nine words in your sentence'. If he counts nine, great! If he doesn't can he figure out which word he missed out?
I have found this a really effective way of helping Jacob gather his thoughts and then     record them successfully.

Journal Ideas-
If you have younger children, who are not yet writing, it might be an idea to let them record their memories in picture form. This could be pictures they create or pictures they take during the day with a camera. You could them ask them to tell you about their picture and record this underneath.
For older children, you could ask them to write entries in different styles. For example, record the trip to the Zoo as if your writing a guide brochure. Or write about our cooking session in the style of a recipe. This helps them to get to grip with different genres and reasons for writing. it also makes it more fun!

Below is a selection of links to blogs and sites I found useful when researching journals.


Happy Journalling!!! I'd love to know how you get on, leave me a comment below.....................

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  1. We've used a book called "Doing the Days" off and on over the years. It has a writing prompt linked to each day of the year, always with several different thoughts or facts from history. Some are pure history, some are just fun (ice cream sundae day, stuff like that). There are probably similar things available online. Our book is pretty ancient by now and quite tattered.


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