Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The 'Bored Box'

School's out and it's officially the summer holidays!!! 

                                           'YEAH' scream the kids!  'HELP' yell parents! 

Jacob is quite good at occupying himself, it's not often I hear those 3 words every parent dreads..........

                      MUM/DAD I'M BORED!!!!!!!!!!!


 Today's post is my solution to this dilemma!

The 'Bored Box©'                                  

Here's the idea. 
  1. Create a box containing slips of paper. Write on those slips of paper your child's toys or games. For example, 'Lego' or 'Dollshouse' or 'train set' etc. You could include specific activities such as 'paint a picture of...' or 'find 5 things in the garden starting with...' 
  2. Whenever your child utters those dreaded words, pull out the Bored Box© and have your child randomly choose a slip of paper! 
  3. The only rule is they must stick at that activity until it's complete or if it's a toy they must play with it for a set amount of time, say 10 mins. 

For more ideas of what activities to write on the papers see my resources page! 

Let me know how it works out for you!!!!!

Happy Summer! 

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