Thursday, 28 June 2012


This week it's easy.  I'm thankful for my gorgeous, handsome, loving, fun, intelligent, happy, smiley son!!

Tomorrow he is six years old. I can't believe six precious years have whizzed by. I am so grateful for him in my life. Everyday he makes me smile. His laugh is infectious. He asks the most amazing (sometimes hard to answer!) questions. His love is unconditional. He makes it clear he adores me and for that I feel so lucky. Our relationship is so easy going, yes he can press my buttons! But we love each other so much that most days we spend time giggling, cuddling, snuggled up and reading.
 Being a parent can be labelled (a can seem) so tough, but taking five minutes to be thankful for your children reminds you how wonderful being a parent can be. Be thankful for your children today........

I've really enjoyed reading a post from a blogger friend Julia at classroom free. She talks about ansering that all time favourite home ed question 'What about Socialisation?'. Take a look!
What about socialisation?!

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  1. Being a parent is one of life's precious gifts,from the moment your child starts growing inside you! I have enjoyed every moment of you and your brother,trials and tribulation and all! You help complete my life. And your right we should all take time to remind ourselves we have a lot to be thankful for! X


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