Thursday, 21 June 2012

Home Ed update & Thankful Thursday.......

The Queen's Jubilee has been a focus for much of our Home Ed tasks over the last couple of weeks. Jacob made a crown for our Home Ed group 'Jubilee Garden Party'. He came second!! As you can see for, the picture above the competition was stiff! He really enjoyed the garden party. We sang the National Athem accompanied by the 'teenagers orchestra', we ate cake and we played 'pass the crown'. Thankfully the weather held, rain arrived on the journey home!

It's that time of year when, as a Home Ed  Moma, I'm thinking about our next school year planning tasks and activities. I have been working on some new planning formats, which I will share on here soon in the form of a 'resources' page. I have also been developing my own curriculum, based on the Charlotte Mason model, but with a less 'hectic' schedule. Again I will share this on here soon. 

June is 'birthday season' for my family. We have 10 birthdays, fathers day and wedding anniversaries. So it's hectic, expensive and party filled, but fun! Jacob's birthday is at the end of the month so he spends the month building anticipation to his big day. It's great to watch as his excitement bubbles over day by day. Will he survive the next 9 days???????


               Today is the longest day of the year- Summer Solstice or Litha (Pagan name)


I really like this picture I found online today. I live close to Stonehenge and would love to visit one year on a Solstice/Equinox.

Today I'm thankful for the extra hours of daylight. Those extra hours cheer me up (I'm a S.A.D sufferer) and make me hopeful summer (and warmth) is on it's way.
This weekend we enter the second quarter of a waxing moon. This is a time to build, create and use our positive energy. How will you use your positivity this weekend?

What are you thankful for this week????

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