Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Easter, Puppy Love and Bows 'n' Arrows......

Easter Sunday- 'Flowering the cross' at church. The flowers decorating the cross turn a symbol of torture and death into a symbol of peace, new life and new beginnings. A perfect way to sum up the beginning of our new adventure into home school. Which we have decided to call 'home learning'. We (Jacob and I) decided to think of a new name as home school confused Jacob. As he rightfully pointed out it is not a school, its our house! But he did agree that learning takes place in our house so we stuck with 'home learning'. However, 90% of our learning doesn't take place at home!!! 

Coco has settled well into family life. She is currently snuggled up on the sofa next to me as I type! Although I do think I must be crazy getting a puppy whilst trying to initiate home learning!! It has been a trial and error process getting the balance right between play time with/for puppy, learning time, chores and exercising puppy. But we have just about got a rhythm that works for us all. 
One of my reasons for getting a puppy was to teach Jacob about how creatures grow, the care pets need and also to be responsible for a pet. He has fallen in love with Coco and they spend lots of time cuddling up or chasing each other in the garden. The joy Coco brings certainly outweighs the stress of having to clean up her acccidents in the house!

Finally, I have finished reading 'Charlotte Mason Companion' and feel a little more knowledgeable about the style of education she promoted. However, it is quite complex to get to grips with so the site 'Ambleside online'- www.amblesideonline.org a free CM curriculum has helped me plan, prepare and begin a curriculum with Jacob. I decided not to try to do everything at once, focusing purely on the aspects of  'narration', 'nature study' and 'living books'. 
We began this week with the topic of 'Native Americans' reading a story written by a Navajo tribe warrior about his childhood and dream of becoming a Totem pole carver. Jacob is really enthusiastic about the topic! He has enjoyed making an Indian headdress, designing a family totem pole and, as the photo's above show, making a bow from a twig and string! I love how just simply finding a topic that catches a child's imagination can lead to hours of fun for them, in ways an adult can never plan for!

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