Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Signs of Spring, De-schooling and EXHAUSTION!!!!!

So far this week, due to the glorious weather, we have been outdoors a great deal! Jacob has enjoyed looking for signs of spring while we were out and about. He has also become an expert at using the camera feature on my phone in order to record his findings! The picture above is his handy work!
We visited Eastrop Park (a local park with lots of space to run, climb, paddle and play) here are some photo's of our fun.

Jacob has been, until now, in 'formal' school for about 18 months and I am amazed at the effect it's had already shaping his view of what learning is. He is very conditioned to the set routines of Literacy sessions (with phonics, then shared reading, then writing) and Numeracy sessions. He expects a designated 'outdoor playtime', set lunchtime and to be told what to do during most activities. Don't get me wrong I'm happy that he  liked the routine of school and that he picked it up quickly in order to feel settled in the school environment. But it is shocking that children think this prescriptive and dictated way is how they learn. As a result we have decided to take some time 'de-schooling'. "Deschooling" simply means taking some time off from formal academics when you begin homeschooling a child who has been in traditional school- a great definition from Dianne Brooks over at http://www.homeschooloasis.com.

I want Jacob to realise the beauty of learning at his own pace, using all of his senses, in many different environments, through a variety of fun and often 'unplanned' activities. I'd like him to feel at ease playing with his toys all day with no sense of time or constraint. Just doing an activity because its fun rather than because it is part of the 'topic'. So my goal for the next few weeks is too 'Stop thinking schoolishly. Stop acting teacherishly. Stop talking about learning as though it’s separate from life'- from Sandra Dodd at www.sandradodd.com

"Imagination is more important than knowledge"
-Albert Einstein

However, 'de-schooling' is EXHAUSTING!!!! 

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  1. Angie arrowsmith15 May 2012 at 22:59

    Great fun had by all!


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