Thursday, 15 March 2012

In The Beginning.......

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” 
― Aristotle

Why? ........... Why home educate?........ Why be at home all day with your child?....... Why risk your child's future?......... Why do you think you know best? ...........  Why are you doing this?..... WHY? WHY?

So many 'why's' were asked in the beginning by us as parents, our family, our friends, the school, the wider community. And my simple answer is 'just because'. Seems almost facetious , but after much thought (believe me much thought) it was the simplest answer! We, as parents knew what we wanted our child's education to look like and we knew how we wanted our child to experience the world and his childhood. We decided that only we could provide this, only we as parents knew our child well enough, loved them enough, had dreams for them, to provide the type of life and education they needed. Time will not be wasted on my blog discussing the ins and outs of the current British education system. For us it was not enough. The 'National Curriculum' is one curriculum out of 1000's that have been published and are available. We decided our child deserved a more rounded and balanced education, taking into consideration his emotional and social needs as well as his academic needs! We wanted our child to be celebrated for all of his talents, to recognise his actions have consequences on the world he lives in and to develop an interest in his own learning that gives him autonomy to aquire skills at a pace that suits him.
Jacob, this is your story...........

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  1. Lovely, I really think sometimes "just because" is the only answer you can give, to be honest! :)


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